Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Mad Men" 2 thumbs up!!

I have a couple of friends who always raves about the TV show "Mad Men", so I started to watch it. The first two seasons I got the DVDs and watched it. It's a good show, like the fashions and of course I like the jewelry that they were. Of course Jon Hamm is pretty easy on the eyes!! lol Ok, back to the DVD part, it's nice to get them on DVD for the fact that in the special features area, they have a time line feature that talks about some of the things that have happened in the 60's. I think that is interesting!

I've been watching the 3rd season online. Last night I watched the second from last episode. Boy was it emotional. It cover the assignation of John F Kennedy. How the people had felt at the time. I was just a kid at the time and I remember how emotional I had felt!

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