Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sharon Agbay-Stokes - Rest in Peace

Tuesday, April 20, 2010, Sharon Agbay-Stokes had passed away, after dealing with many medical issues. She had left behind many who had loved! Michael, Nancy, Robert and Brenda are her four beautiful children.
Sharon was not only my sister-in-law, but she was my friend. Her and her sister, Mickey, (yes she is my sister-in-law also!) Had help me through a very difficult time in my life and I will always remember them for this.

Rest in peace Sharon, I will miss you!

In picture above: Brenda Stokes-Boling; Sharon Agbay-Stokes and Jason

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Been 45 Months Since I Quit!

I can't believe it. Yesterday I got an email saying that it's been 45 months since I quit smoking. It also said that I saved $7,123.25. Boy it would have been nice if I would have banked it, but I've supported some of my favorite beads stores instead . Oh well, we can't have everything! One thing that I have to remember and I do think about that I'm an addict and very afraid of smoking again. I've heard of so many people who have quit for a long period of time to right start back up again...I just pray and say please don't let me!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Time Flies

Gee I can't believe it is almost March! Time flies when your having fun. lol

Feb 17th thou Feb 21st the guild I belong to, GreatLakes Beadworkers Guild brought in four national instructors to teach us guild members. Nancy Cain, Tracey Stanley, Dallas Lovett and Huib Petersen. They are great artists in their own rights. Tracey is into metal, who has also teamed up with Janice Berkebile. Nancy Cain, a bead artist who knows a lot about the science behind the beading. Dallas Lovett, who works in SS wire and beads. All I can say about him is he has magical fingers!! Last but not least, Huib Peretsen, Huib is a great bead artist who works in Russian bead stitches. Now I have to find the time to finish the class projects (Huib's Water Lilies, Nancy's Crystal Petal Necklace and Dallas's Petite La Fleur). Plus do all the kits and patterns that I had bought.
Now, I need to catch up on my Bead Journal Pages and my bracelet swap!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Mad Men" 2 thumbs up!!

I have a couple of friends who always raves about the TV show "Mad Men", so I started to watch it. The first two seasons I got the DVDs and watched it. It's a good show, like the fashions and of course I like the jewelry that they were. Of course Jon Hamm is pretty easy on the eyes!! lol Ok, back to the DVD part, it's nice to get them on DVD for the fact that in the special features area, they have a time line feature that talks about some of the things that have happened in the 60's. I think that is interesting!

I've been watching the 3rd season online. Last night I watched the second from last episode. Boy was it emotional. It cover the assignation of John F Kennedy. How the people had felt at the time. I was just a kid at the time and I remember how emotional I had felt!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Just Some Ramblings...

I can't believe how time flies...I been keeping up with Facebook, but not here. I guess I'm going to have to work harder on keeping this up.

I got notice that I was accepted to do the Bead Journal. I was going to do it last year, but got bogged down with other commitments.

This past Friday (12/18/2009), The Loomatics, a great group of ladies that I bead with, got together for a little Holiday get together. The hostess for this get together made some great soup, had a salad and other little treats. It was a very nice night and when we left it was snowing.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Rain, Rain and still more Rain!!

Rain rain go away come back another day!'s rain so much in the last couple of days I feel like I should be forming webbed feet! In some places it's like rivers have formed!! Oh least it's not snow!!!
I can't wait! Tomorrow is our meeting for the guild. We have "Bead Daze" Wednesday thru Saturday! Our teachers this year will be Huib Petersen, Stepanie Eddy, Marcia DeCoster, Dallas Lovett and Rachel Nelson-Smith. Tuesday night we get to meet with them. Usually they have question and answer period.
This year I'm taking Huib's "Sweet Pea" necklace. The picture of it is just goreous. It's a butterfly on one side and sweet peas on the other side. Just beautiful. This is a two day class, because it is worked diagonal and tubular peyote stitch, plus herringbone stitched is used in the neckband.
Then Friday and Saturday I'll be taking Dallas Lovetts classes. Friday is "Phonenix Rising" pendant. Saturday's class is "Crystal Symphony Bracelet". Both classes centers around Rivolis and sterling silver with seed beads. I just can't wait!! We've been trying for along time to get Dallas to teach at out guild. He's a very popular teacher!
They're all great teachers! Actually, Stephine Eddy was the first instructor that I had taken a class with, after joining the guild. Last year I took three of Marcia DeCoster's classes. She's a very good instrustor.
Can't wait to see what kit's that I can buy from these teachers. many beady little time!!
I think I better do some beading......I'm working on a necklace from the FEB/March issue of "Beadwork". It's a Marcia DeCoster's design called "Moonlit Rose".

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I can't believe it!

Jan 12 2008 was National Weigh-in Day! (I think that's how they call it), so HAP had Weight Wise class, so I went in the morning for it. It was nice, they had a healthy continental breakfast and a guest speaker. Plus they had nurses to take your blood pressure, scales to weigh yourself, etc. They also gave you a couple of books. A cookbook and a workbook to help you keep track of what your doing and hints on how to achieve them. Which is real nice. Well, I left there a little early because Kmart has a New Day Your Way campaign. You get weighed in (which I was 6 lbs lighter on their scales! hmm). the first 50 people per store gets a free gift. Which was coupons and a workout DVD. What I should really say, it's a DVD that has three 10 minute workouts...which is really nice. and a chance to win some prizes!!

So, I figured why not! It wouldn't hurt to lose some weight. I am going on a cruise in October 08. I would like to look nice in a bathing suit and shorts! Also, tried of seeing pictures of me so big! OK...let's not run myself down and get discouraged here!

So, yesterday, Saturday the 26th. I went in and got weighed and I lost five pounds. I just watched what I ate. Tried drinking more water. Now I need to start some exercise! Truthfully, I'm surprised that I lost. The night before we had our monthly meeting of the Loomatics. And there's always these great munchies!! Deb brought these chips that she gets from Canada. They are soooo good! Somebody else brought in herb olives and cheese. Somebody else brought brie cheese!! (like they said at the Hap meeting, if you have to have it, half it!)

The meeting was great. It's always fun being with these ladies. The conversations always turns over so fast or there's two or three different ones going on at the same's just a hoot!

We're doing a Round Robin Bead Embroidery Project. It's interesting what each individual person started on for their project. Me, I did the Sun and my astrological sign, which is Leo, in the center. Hopefully they'll put their signs around or who knows any sign. Maybe even a stop sign! I shouldn't say that. It'll give BadLiz some ideas! Liz is doing a moose, gee I wonder why? Sue is doing her hand. (both of these ladies blog are listed to the right) One is doing sheep, another an owl scene, a snowman and I really don't remember what else. I should have scanned mine before passing it on. This way I could have posted it, but know I won't see it again till next year!!